Who am I?
Hi there, my name is Mike Wong, I'm 24 years old and a software developer, photographer, traveller and traceur from Zurich, Switzerland.
Android & Webdeveloper
Having done my apprenticeship as an application developer working with various technologies (PL/I, Java, PHP and JavaScript, just to name few), I soon came into the mobile world, where I began to develop apps for Android. In late 2010 I finished my first Android app, "School Helper", which won the junior prize at the 1st international App Art Award in Cologne, Germany. Since then I have been continuously working on many Android and web projects, both personal and in companies.
A few years ago, I took up photography as one of my leisure-time activities and have been working on improving my skills since then. I started photographing with a Canon EOS 70D and upgraded to a full-frame Nikon D750 later on. Most of my photos are landscapes or urban areas from my travels, but I am open to all kinds of photography styles.
Travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures and countries has always been something that delighted me. While all countries I have visited in North America, Europe or Asia had their own way of astonishing me, the ones I enjoyed the most are definitely the northern countries, including Iceland, Norway and Canada.
Parkour is the art of moving as efficient as possible, overcoming obstacles and exploring urban and natural environments in a new way. Since I began doing Parkour in 2009, I have been deeply embedded in the community and could benefit a lot from its sustainable and personal developing aspects. In 2014 and 2015, I completed an educational course and am now a certified TRuST Coach for ParkourONE.

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